Sam’s Podcast

Episode 32 – Army/Navy is Special, Jaguars Are Not

Lonnie’s son is at the Naval Academy and we all have stories about the game. Plus big changes coming for the Jaguars.

Episode 31 – Bad Time in Music City

It was ugly in Nashville and it could mean more changes than expected in the off season.

Episode 30 – Thursday, Fournette Problems

Your body has to get right quick for a Thursday game. And Lonnie talks about Leonard Fournette’ “off field” development.

Episode: 29 – A Win, a Start?

Lonnie Marts and Sam Kouvaris noticed the Jaguars defense looked a step quicker in the win over the Colts.

Episode 28 – It’s Over, What Happened?

Lonnie, Tom and Sam dissect what happened to the Jaguars and what happens next.

Episode 27 – Team, Not Self

Lonnie, Tom and Sam solve all the Jaguars problems. If they’d only listen! Seriously, there are some good solutions here. Happy Thanksgiving!

Episode 26 – Whatever You Do, Be A Pro!

A look at the Jaguars mistakes and how to be a pro. Plus Sam and Tom Discuss the team/coach/player/media relationship.

Episode 25 – Problems in River City

Tom and Lonnie give the best analysis you’ll hear on the nuts and bolts of the Jaguars issues. And some locker room talk as well!

Episode 24 – A Run Starts With One

Sam and Tom compare this year’s team to the ’96 squad that was also 3-5 through 8 games. Tom reveals how they did it.

Episode 23 – We’re Fired Up! It’s Election Day and the Day the Jaguars Make Changes!

Sam, Lonnie and Tom talk a little Election Day and how the Jaguars need to be honest with themselves.