Sam’s Podcast

Episode 42 – Championship Weekend!

Lonnie and Sam go over the Patriots culture and the home field advantage.

Episode 41 – Playoffs? They Are Special!

Lonnie and Tom explain how fun, and not fun the NFL postseason can be.

Episode 40 – Quiet Time Doesn’t Nothing’s Happening

NFL Playoffs bring out the best, and worst in teams. And Clemson will be around as long as Dabo is running the show.

Episode 39 – Culture Change Starts at the Top

As they move into the off-season, the Jaguars are trying to change the locker room culture. They can’t do much before they make a decision on the quarterback.

Episode 38 – Rework or Rebuild?

Lonnie and Sam look at the off-season changes for the Jaguars. Lonnie gives a players perspective as to how the offseason works. Or doesn’t.

Episode 37 – Future for Bortles, Marrone

Sam and Tom don’t necessarily agree whether Bortles and Marrone should return. If so, new rules. If not, start over?

Episode 36 – Great Stories for Christmas: How the NFL Works

Lonnie and Tom share stories about their careers, free agency and how the league works. Great stuff here, Merry Christmas!

Episode 35 – The Fix Starts at the Top

Lonnie, Tom and Sam talk about the start of the fix of the Jaguars. Right now.

Episode 34 – Lots of questions, No Answers

Lonnie and Sam are mystified as to how the Jaguars could get this bad this fast.

Episode 33 – Early Discord Scorched the Jaguars

Lonnie and Tom agree with Sam: Locker room issues were a problem early and never got fixed.