Episode 49 – Back to Work, The Jaguars Regroup

Sam and Lonnie talk Off-season conditioning player additions and subtractions and more!

Episode 48 – Daytona Talk and the Jaguars Last Chance

Lonnie and Tom debate the “are race car drivers athletes” discussion and its almost decision time for the Jaguars.

Episode 47 – The AAF Gets Some Buzz and How Players Think

Lonnie and Tom reveal how a player looks at the game and the new league. And they still want to hit somebody.

Episode 46 – Super Bowl LIII and Boselli Will Get In

Tom and Sam thought the Super Bowl was just fine. And Sam reveals what he can about what happened in the HOF “room.”

Episode 45 – Super Bowl Week from Atlanta

Tom and Sam have seen just about everybody associates with Pro Football this week in Atlanta.

Episode 44 – Super Bowl Haters and the Case for Tony Boselli

Tom and Sam recall Super Bowl week antics and review the case for the PFHOF for Tony Boselli.

Episode 43 – NFL Championships Fun But Flawed

Lonnie, Tom and Sam thought the games were exciting to watch but the league has some problems to fix. Don’t you agree?

Episode 42 – Championship Weekend!

Lonnie and Sam go over the Patriots culture and the home field advantage.

Episode 41 – Playoffs? They Are Special!

Lonnie and Tom explain how fun, and not fun the NFL postseason can be.

Episode 40 – Quiet Time Doesn’t Nothing’s Happening

NFL Playoffs bring out the best, and worst in teams. And Clemson will be around as long as Dabo is running the show.

Episode 39 – Culture Change Starts at the Top

As they move into the off-season, the Jaguars are trying to change the locker room culture. They can’t do much before they make a decision on the quarterback.

Episode 38 – Rework or Rebuild?

Lonnie and Sam look at the off-season changes for the Jaguars. Lonnie gives a players perspective as to how the offseason works. Or doesn’t.

Episode 37 – Future for Bortles, Marrone

Sam and Tom don’t necessarily agree whether Bortles and Marrone should return. If so, new rules. If not, start over?

Episode 36 – Great Stories for Christmas: How the NFL Works

Lonnie and Tom share stories about their careers, free agency and how the league works. Great stuff here, Merry Christmas!

Episode 35 – The Fix Starts at the Top

Lonnie, Tom and Sam talk about the start of the fix of the Jaguars. Right now.

Episode 34 – Lots of questions, No Answers

Lonnie and Sam are mystified as to how the Jaguars could get this bad this fast.

Episode 33 – Early Discord Scorched the Jaguars

Lonnie and Tom agree with Sam: Locker room issues were a problem early and never got fixed.

Episode 32 – Army/Navy is Special, Jaguars Are Not

Lonnie’s son is at the Naval Academy and we all have stories about the game. Plus big changes coming for the Jaguars.

Episode 31 – Bad Time in Music City

It was ugly in Nashville and it could mean more changes than expected in the off season.

Episode 30 – Thursday, Fournette Problems

Your body has to get right quick for a Thursday game. And Lonnie talks about Leonard Fournette’ “off field” development.

Episode: 29 – A Win, a Start?

Lonnie Marts and Sam Kouvaris noticed the Jaguars defense looked a step quicker in the win over the Colts.

Episode 28 – It’s Over, What Happened?

Lonnie, Tom and Sam dissect what happened to the Jaguars and what happens next.

Episode 27 – Team, Not Self

Lonnie, Tom and Sam solve all the Jaguars problems. If they’d only listen! Seriously, there are some good solutions here. Happy Thanksgiving!

Episode 26 – Whatever You Do, Be A Pro!

A look at the Jaguars mistakes and how to be a pro. Plus Sam and Tom Discuss the team/coach/player/media relationship.

Episode 25 – Problems in River City

Tom and Lonnie give the best analysis you’ll hear on the nuts and bolts of the Jaguars issues. And some locker room talk as well!

Episode 24 – A Run Starts With One

Sam and Tom compare this year’s team to the ’96 squad that was also 3-5 through 8 games. Tom reveals how they did it.

Episode 23 – We’re Fired Up! It’s Election Day and the Day the Jaguars Make Changes!

Sam, Lonnie and Tom talk a little Election Day and how the Jaguars need to be honest with themselves.

Episode 22 – Jaguars must work in their craft

Tom and Sam talk about how the bye week can benefit the team very specifically.

Episode 21 – Can the Season Be Saved?

Tom and Sam think the season can be salvaged. But only if the “look hard in the mirror.”

Episode 20 – GA//FL from RV City! Jags in London, Bortles Expectations

Lonnie, Tom and Sam are live in RV City downtown talking Gators and Dawgs plus what they expect from the Jaguars in London.

Episode 19 – Jaguars in Freefall

Sam and Lonnie break down the Jaguars loss to Houston at home. Where do they start to fix this?

Episode 18 – Must Win?

Sam and Tom agree it might not be but it sure feels like a “must win” for the Jaguars vs Houston at home Sunday.

Episode 17 – Jaguars: Get Your Act Together

Sam, Tom and Lonnie say the Jaguars are good enough. The problem might be they believe it.

Episode 16 – Jaguars in Transition

Sam and former NFL Quarterback Matt Robinson discuss the Jaguars offensive problems and the stop gap measures they’re taking.

Episode 15 – How to Beat the Chiefs

Sam and Tom lay out a plan for the Jaguars to beat the Chiefs Sunday.

Episode 14 – Be Who You Are!

Sam and Tom outline the strengths the Jaguars need to believe they have and Tom reveals what he’d say to this team right now. Plus a Ryder Cup recap!

Episode 13 – Jaguars, Ryder Cup and Tattoo’s!

Sam, Lonnie and Tom talk about the Jaguars motivation this week, the Ryder Cup and where did those tattoo’s come from?

Episode 12 – Its a Loss, Move On

Sam and Tom look at the loss to Tennessee and calm the Jets game almost a “must.” Tom thinks the Jags win big!

Episode 11 – This is the Game the Players Want

Lonnnie’s coaching football this week so Sam and Tom look ahead to Sunday’s Tennessee game. The Patriots win was good but It’s the Titans the players really don’t like.

Episode 10 – The Jaguars Are The Team To Beat

Sam and Tom believe the Jaguars made a statement against the Patriots. Can they handle the success and the role of favorite?