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Changes at Florida

I got the text from Kevin: “Meyer quits UF.”

I don’t jump up very often but in the middle of a “Rock Band” session with my kids, I dropped the drumsticks and jumped up with the phone already to my ear. “It’s true and all over the place,” Kevin said as he answered the phone.

Hello was not necessary.

A couple of calls and some quick checks on the Internet and there was plenty of information already out there. Health issues, stepping down after the Sugar Bowl, discussion with his family, wants to stay in Gainesville, will continue with the University of Florida. His official statement said, “step aside” rather than resign so there has been all kinds of speculation as to what might happen.

Apparently on the flight to New Orleans, Meyer told the team that he was hoping to return to coaching that he was going to take a leave to work on his health and that Steve Addazzio was going to be the head coach in the interim. That makes sense if in fact Meyer has a curable condition. He has a documented arachnoid cyst on the brain that causes debilitating pain.

Who knows what the long-term prognosis of that is unless you get it fixed? It flares up when he gets agitated, or stressed. Kind of a difficult condition to have when you’re a college football coach at Florida.

There have been reports that Meyer suffered a heart attack during the season and it caused him a problem after the SEC Title game to the point that doctors said his life could be at risk if he continued to coach. You can have a heart attack and it not mean bypass surgery or some other major procedure. You can have a heart attack and not even recognize it. But apparently Meyer, if true, was able to keep working.

It does appear that Meyer will remain in the football program and the Gators aren’t going to be in the market for another coach.

Right now.