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Jaguars Top 20 Comebacks

Here’s our top 20 for this week in recognition of the Jaguars 20th anniversary. To mark their comeback win over the Giants last Sunday, it’s the top 20 comebacks in Jaguars history. They’re all not actual comebacks in games, but all represent a comeback of sorts surrounding the Jaguars.

At number 1, the city of Jacksonville made a huge comeback to even still be in the game to get a franchise. The announcement on November 30, 1993 represents the biggest comeback ever in franchise history.

A close second is 1990. Certain leaders in the Jacksonville community had convinced local politicians that getting NFL franchise wasn’t a very important thing for city growth. A whole other group thought it was very important, including Don Davis, a prominent local politician and convinced the Mayor that this was an important thing. Behind the scenes, Touchdown Jacksonville was reconnected with the City and the rest, is history.

Third is the comeback in 2013 to beat Cleveland on the road. Dramatic, last second win. Fourth is also dramatic, in overtime as Rashean Mathis scored the game winner for the Jaguars. Fifth is the Mike Thomas Hail Mary catch against the Texans. It was so sudden and dramatic and it’s made a lot of these lists this year.

In the 6th spot we have Mark Brunell’s return to the lineup in 1998. He was injured with three games to play and the Jaguars lost two of three to still get into the playoffs. His return allowed them to advance to the second round where they were eventually beat by the Jets. Without Mark, they go nowhere. Same with Fred’s return in 2002. After missing almost all of 2001 with an injury, Taylor came back better than ever and played in more games as a starting running back than any other back in his era after that. So much for “Fragile Fred.” We also put Tony Boselli’s comeback in 1995 on the list. 1995? The first year? Right. Boselli was injured before the season started so it was a big deal for him to “comeback” to the lineup. He recently said he ankle hurt so much that if it was OK to cry in football, he would have. We also put Mark Brunell’s comeback to Jacksonville after his career was over in the 9th spot. After 19 years in the league and a few financial problems, Brunell is the head coach at Episcopal, works for ESPN and has picked Jacksonville as his home. Same for Boselli. He bounced around a few years after his career ended but now is back in town for good it appears.

The next nine are games where the Jaguars came from behind to win, including Sunday’s victory over the Giants. Some of the others you’ll remember, some you might not, but all are come from behind wins.

And in the 20th spot the Jaguars return to Channel 4. We were the official station in the early 2000’s and now that we have it back, we’re trying new things, working with the team to make the broadcasts fun and interesting, no matter what the score on the field. It’s been a great experience so far and we’re looking forward to more!

Did we miss something? Let us know at sports@wjxt.com or tweet us with #jagstop20 and we’ll talk about it on Jaguars Friday Night!

  • 1) 1993
  • 2) 1990
  • 3) 2013 week 13 at Cleveland – Henne to Shorts TD with 40 seconds left for 32-28 win
  • 4) 2005 at Pittsburgh – Rashean Mathis 41 yard INT return for TD in overtime for the 23-17 win
  • 5) Mike Thomas Hail Mary catch
  • 6) Brunell comeback in ’98
  • 7) Taylor comeback in 2002
  • 8) Boselli in 1995
  • 9) Brunell comeback after football
  • 10) 21 points 11/30/14 vs NYG
    trailed 21-0 in the 2nd quarter
  • 11) 15 points, 11/24/96 at BAL,
    trailed 25-10 4th quarter, won 28-25 OT
  • 12) 14 points, 11/10/96 vs. BAL,
    trailed 17-3 3rd quarter, won 30-27
  • 13) 14 points, 12/13/99 vs. DEN,
    trailed 14-0 1st quarter, won 27-24
  • 14) 14 points, 12/11/11 vs. TB,
    trailed 14-0 2nd quarter, won 41-14
  • 15) 13 points, 11/09/03 vs. IND,
    trailed 20-7 at half, won 28-23
  • 16) 12 points, 09/27/98 at TEN,
    trailed 19-7 2nd quarter, won 27-22
  • 17) 11 points, 10/13/96 vs. NYJ,
    trailed 14-3 2nd quarter, won 21-1
  • 18) 11 points, 11/30/97 vs. BAL,
    trailed 14-3 2nd quarter, won 29-27
  • 19) 11 points, 09/23/12 at IND,
    trailed 14-3 at half, won 22-17
  • 20) Jaguars return to Channel 4