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A Real Fantasy

Orlando: — My arm hurts. My back aches. My shoulder is killing me. And I feel great. Atlanta Braves fantasy camp last weekend in Orlando was just that, a fantasy, and a good one at that. With my friends Lex and Terry, Dream Weeks coordinator Norm Amster invited us to the Braves camp at the […]

Jacksonville Sports News, Sam Kouvaris -

The “Much Better Than Average But Not The Best Ever” Bowl

Atlanta: In our instant gratification society, we’re caught up in the science of the new. If it’s new, it must be better. Wrong. Enough already about Super bowl XXXIV being the best ever. Compelling, exciting, going down to the last play? No question. Best ever? Not close. How can a game that had 2 missed […]

Jacksonville Sports News, Sam Kouvaris -

Not Tonight, I’ve Got The Blues

Jacksonville – Cry. Pout. Sulk. Cuss. Throw something. It’s all right, because that’s how just about everybody else feels. And it’s normal. I know you keep telling yourself, it was just a football game. And it’s silly to feel this way. But it’s not. Analyze it, go over it again, be mad with the players, […]