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Jaguars Ready for Tampa

It’s a short trip but a regular week for the Jaguars as they prepare for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. Coming off the tough loss to Indy where Head Coach Gus Bradley said, “We missed it,” the team seemed to bounce back quickly.

“A very crisp practice today. I really liked this week as far as the attention to detail and those concepts,” Bradley said after Friday’s walk-thru.

Talking with Gus on his television show, he admitted he wasn’t sure how the team would respond but that by Wednesday’s practice they were looking forward to the game against the Bucs. That’s what they’ll need for their third straight road game where the opponent thinks it’s an easy chance for a “W.”

Despite the injuries and the uncertainty at several positions, Bradley likes how the team has taken to the idea of going on the road this week and coming home with a win.

“The ownership of it, the ownership of our mentality going into the game, the ownership of the game plan going into the game,” is what Bradley said he liked about this week’s preparation. “So three really good days of practice, so we’ll see how it pans out.”

Since Tampa is just over a three-hour drive, several thousand Jaguars fans are making the trip. Some groups are even having an organized tailgate on Sunday morning (we’ll have coverage of that on the pregame show on Channel 4).

Bradley is impressed by that. “Yeah it’s unbelievable. We talked about it last night on the show. It’s amazing. I know we mentioned it to our players and it’s unbelievable. I don’t know if words can express it.”