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Jaguars Know What They’re Lacking

So far the two buzz words this year for the Jaguars have been precision and consistency. Regrettably, the Jaguars have had neither too often and thus, a 1-3 record a quarter of the way through the season. But a w

A win against Tampa Bay this week puts the Jaguars about where everybody was hoping before the season that they’d be after five games. While neither team looks to be headed to the post-season in 2015, they do look a lot like each other when it comes to youth and results.

“They’ve brought some veteran guys in from Chicago on defense,” Gus Bradley said today at the stadium. “And on offense they’re trying to build something with Jameis.”

You could say the same about the Jaguars after their offseason acquisitions and what they’re trying to do on offense with Blake Bortles, T.J. Yeldon and company. But the Jaguars should be a year ahead of the Bucs when it comes to the process. And perhaps they are.

At the very least, Bradley says the team has bounced back from their los to Indianapolis and is understanding where they’re deficiencies are.

“It’s not just effort and energy and enthusiasm,” he said after practice on Thursday. “What I liked about today was yesterday we talked about the details; the message today was to come back and apply those details to today’s practice.”

Although he declared the team “built” at the beginning of the year, the Jaguars still have some work to do to be competitive week in and week out. They appear to have the talent on the roster but a lot of the intangibles are missing. Some of those could be called the “details” that they haven’t mastered with precision or consistency.

“I’m talking about communication, the line calls, the defensive calls, the communication that takes place in the back end and doing it from start to finish,” Bradley explained. “So that was really the message today, very pleased with how it went. Everybody’s got to do their job and that’s what it comes down to play after play and that consistency is what we need to continue to build.”

And while the building process continues, it’s not an open-ended timeline. They don’t have forever and Bradley knows it.

“I’ve talked about this ‘Race to Maturity’ that we’re in and that’s still true. But we can’t wait around, we have to go out and get it done.”