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Bortles Better, Defense Better

He’s a third year pro but perhaps more importantly, it’s Blake Bortles’ second year in the same offensive system. It’s allowed the Jaguars quarterback to be more in command and take a bigger leadership role.

“Yeah, I think so, definitely. If I wasn’t then it would be pretty disappointing,” he said after Tuesday’s practice in full pads.

“I think going in a second year in the system, I think, personally, the decisions have been better. As a whole there are some bad decisions and bad throws and there probably always will be, but trying to minimize those as much as possible and try to find ways to be efficient.”

Watching Bortles on the field, he looks crisper and more decisive with his decision-making and his throws. Some of that is just maturing as a player. Some of it is the competition he’s facing each day in practice.

“Yeah, I think everything feels better,” he explained. “From an offensive standpoint and a defensive standpoint as well. I mean the defensive line, the backers, the secondary – you know it really feels better and it’s challenging as a quarterback to try and match these plays against this kind of caliber of a defense.”

While Bortles didn’t single out the previous Jaguars defenses as deficient, it’s obvious the money spent in free agency and the addition of Fowler, Ramsey and Jack through the draft has changed the whole look and speed of the defense.

I think the stuff they are doing is really good and effective. Some of the things they are doing, mixing looks up and doing things like that presents some different challenges so I think it is definitely more effective and when you put better players into the system then it is only going to be that much harder.”