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Fisher on FSU Signees: “Big, Powerful”

At Florida State, Jimbo Fisher has gotten to the point where he’s filling spots to keep the Seminoles at a championship level, not rebuilding. FSU is among the top five schools this year when it comes to the quality of athlete they’ve signed.

“Very unique group as far as character. I think there’s a lot of intelligence in this group, I think there’s a lot of leadership.”

He did have a unique perspective on judging how this recruiting class plays. “Don’t judge them on the first year, the second year. Let those guys develop. We’ve got them ranked high, which ones will play? I don’t know. Let’s put them in situations to be successful.”

FSU’s class only had four offensive linemen but that didn’t bother the chief Seminole. “Numbers don’t always get me. It’s quality, not quantity. You’ve got to get guys who can play.”

The ‘Noles did go for big that’s for sure. Cole Minshew is 6’4″ 350lbs. David Robbins is 6’4″ 327. “Very athletic, powerful, big. Now that can be unbelievable.”

Fisher also signed Josh Sweat to FSU even though he suffered an ACL tear in the middle of his senior year as a defensive end in Chesapeake, Virginia.. Sweat is an athlete that can play anywhere at 6’5″ and 245 and runs a sub 4.5. He was considered perhaps the best player in the country before his injury. “He can play wideout and looks like Kelvin Benjamin. He’s so effective, he can affect the quarterback and come off the edge standing up or with their hand in the dirt.” Sweat won’t be available for spring practice but he is already enrolled at FSU and working with their training staff. “He’s on time, he does every workout, he’s got a little ways to go but he’ll be fine.”

Enrolling early in school is a big plus in Jimbo’s mind when it comes to a recruit’s commitment. Eight of the Seminoles class of 2015 is already in school. “It says that he’s very committed to his craft.” He gave up a lot of his nights at home and a lot of his summer school. I tell our kids, ‘You actions speak so loud I can’t hear what you’re saying.’ They all say it’s important to them. These guys have been willing to pay that price.”