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Jaguars Top 20 Individual Performances

This week’s Top 20 in recognition of the Jaguars 20th anniversary is the Top 20 individual performances in Jaguars history. What brought this list to life was Josh Scobee’s two field goals last week putting him over 1000 points in his career, the first Jaguars player to accomplish that. Scobee makes this list for his efforts.

At number one we put Mark Brunell’s performance against Denver in the playoffs after the 1996 season leading to a 30-27 upset over the Broncos on the road. He might have had better games statistically, but there was no better performance when it comes to leadership, game management and making a play when it counted. His run in the 4th quarter was a near Herculean effort to seal the victory for the Jaguars.

Tony Boselli is in at 2 and 3. He dominated Bruce Smith in the playoffs so dramatically that the Jaguars were able to upset the Bills in Buffalo. His waving to JasonTaylor in front of a national television audience is one of the iconic images in Jaguars history.

Underappreciated, James Stewart was a very solid contributor for the Jaguars in their early years. Sometimes it’s the luck of the play calling but obviously Tom Coughlin had a lot of confidence in him at the goal line. Stewart’s 5TD’s and 30 points scored against the Eagles remain team records in the Jaguars’ 20th season.

Because it happened in the playoffs, Fred Taylor’s run against the Dolphins to open the scoring in the Jaguars rout is in at number five. Great individual effort, breaking tackles at the line of scrimmage and then just running away from everybody.

No job is lonelier than kicker so Josh Scobee’s 59-yarder to beat the Colts is in at number six. Kicking might be the most individual of pursuits in football once the snapper and the holder do their job, so a 59-yard game winner is pretty special for the individual. And Scobee’s helmet raised run around the field is another iconic image in Jaguars history.

For Brad Meester just being in the game deserves a spot on this list. It seemed like they tried to replace him every year in the second half of his 14-year career but he just kept winning the job. Meester was a “known entity” for the Jaguars and they could pencil his name in the lineup virtually every week. He played heavy or light at the team’s request and knew what he was doing up front. His consecutive game streaks are team records and Brad should be the next name put in the Pride of the Jaguars.

When it comes to consecutive game streaks, Mike Hollis’ 67-game scoring record makes the list. He was the beneficiary of playing on some pretty good Jaguars teams but scoring in every game in over 4 seasons remains a Jaguars record.

Even though it was in a loss, Jimmy Smith’s day against the Ravens in Baltimore is in at number nine. Fifteen catches, 291 yards and 3 TD’s wasn’t enough to secure a victory for the Jaguars.

Fred’s individual games of 234 yards against Pittsburgh and 194 against New Orleans are in at 10 and 11. It’d be something special to see numbers from a running back like that again. Maurice Jones Drew ran for 186 yards in a shootout against Tennessee. He had TD runs of 80 and 79 yards in that game and he’s number 12 on this list for that day. He’s also at #13 for leading the league in rushing in 2011. His 1,606 yards were a source of pride for the offense on a bad team.

Catching the football takes somebody else throwing it, but Smith’s 116 catches in 1999 and Keenan McCardell’s 16 caches and 232 yards against St. Louis in 1996 both make the list at 14 and 15. Although he didn’t play much (so far) Justin Blackmon’s 14 reception day against Denver last year in one of the 4 games he played is in at number sixteen. He kept the Jaguars from being blown out.

Some performances seem surreal in this era of 4 win Jaguars teams. Do you remember when Taylor ran for 100 yards or more in 9 straight games in 2000? How would that be received today?

That’s why Sen’Derrick Marks’ 8.5 sacks (so far) this year is on the list. He’s playing defensive tackle, and in most games teams aren’t throwing it much in the second half because they’re just trying to grind the clock and leave with a win. Eight and a half is already a huge number for Sen’Derrick.

You might have forgotten how versatile MJD was in his early years. He’s on the list at 19 for his 303 all-purpose yards against Indy in 2006. He got to that number rushing, receiving AND returning kicks.

And at #20 Rashean Mathis’ 30 career interceptions finishes our list. He had eight in 2006, a number that seems unattainable for anybody on recent or current Jaguars teams. Hopefully that changes.

We know this list can have plenty of disagreement. Did we miss something? Pete Mitchell’s 10-catch game as a rookie tight end? Let us know on twitter with #JagsTop20 or email us at sports@wjxt.com. We’ll talk about the list this week on Jaguars Friday Night at 11:20.

1. Brunell vs. Denver 1996
2. Boselli vs. Bruce Smith
3. Boselli vs. Jason Taylor
4. James Stewart 5 TD’s
5. Fred Taylor TD Run vs. Miami
6. Josh Scobee 59 yard FG
7. Brad Meester Service
8. Mike Hollis 67 consecutive games scoring
9. Jimmy Smith vs. Baltimore 15 catches 291yds 3 td’s
10. Fred vs. Pitt 234 yds
11. Fred vs NO 194 yards
12. MJD vs Tenn 186 80 yd 79 yd
13. MJD 2011 lead league 1,606
14. Jimmy Smith 116 catches 1999
15. Keenan 16 catches 232 yds. 1996 vs stl
16. Blackmon 14 catches vs Denver 2013
17. Fred 9 straight 100 yd games in 2000
18. Sen’Derrick Marks 8.5 Sacks in 2014
19. MJD all purpose yds. 303 vs Indy 2006
20. Rashean Mathis 30 career INT’s 8 n 2006