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Jaguars vs. Titans Preview

On a foggy day in Nashville, the Jaguars will try and get their first win of the year against the Titans. Hard to say if weather will be a factor but throughout the morning there was a thick layer over the stadium and a tarp on the field. While the Jaguars had a chance last week against the Steelers, the titans are still smarting from the best comeback ever in their loss to the Browns.

Fans in Nashville have about the same thoughts regarding the Titans as Jaguars fans do in Jacksonville. Ken Whisenhunt is working on a rebuilding project for the Titans much like Gus Bradley is doing for the Jaguars. At this point though, the Titans are without a quarterback they trust. Jake Locker won’t play against the Jaguars because of injury so they’ll go with Charlie Whitehurst. Zac Mettenberger might be their quarterback of the future, but they don’t seem ready to give him the ball.

“We can feel it coming,” Dennard Robinson said on Saturday. “It’s those little things that make a difference and we’re cleaning them up. When it comes, it’ll come in bunches.”

The Jaguars could use a big game from Robinson from the running back position. Toby Gerhart won’t play in this game because of a lingering foot problem so Robinson, Jordan Todman and Storm Johnson will carry the ball. A solid effort running the ball would go a long way for the Jaguars toward getting their first victory.

Blake Bortles is getting his third start for the Jaguars. He’s thrown six interceptions in 10 quarters, something not unexpected for a rookie quarterback. But Bortles doesn’t think he’s a rookie anymore. This week he told us there are no excuses for bad plays, no matter how young you are.

It’s an attitude that Gus Bradley agrees with. “At some point, you’re not a rookie anymore. You’re just a player. That’s where we’re at.”

And although the Jaguars are getting better, improvement is still no excuse for losing.

“Getting better is the goal, but that’s no excuse for getting beat,” the head coach said this week.