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Jaguars Wrap “Public” Training Camp

It didn’t take long for Gus Bradley to start lauding his team after practice today. He was barely in front of the microphone when he said, “I really like what’s going on with this team.” Look over there, Linder is working after practice, Parnell is working after practice. Cyp is working on open field tackling,” he said as he pointed to players who were getting some extra work in after today’s “helmets only” session.

“What I like about it is it’s starting to feel more real,” Bradley continued. “It’s not just talking about it or us telling guys to do it. They’re doing it on their own, and that’s good.”

Although they weren’t in pads today, the tempo was still up for practice, with some red zone work and some situations in the middle of the field. The team did work against some Pittsburgh formations preparing for Friday night but only one period.

It would be hard to overstate how much work Doug Marrone is doing with the offensive line when it comes to technique. Marrone is stressing footwork and hand position as well as hand speed and small head movements. “A good technical coach can really make a big difference,” one former Jaguar said after practice. “He can make the whole group better right away.”

T.J. Yeldon was again in a red jersey but Bradley said it was “just precautionary.” Yeldon said in the locker room that he’s ready to go on Friday and has gotten a lot of help and advice from his teammates. “It’s faster but the guys have really helped. They just say do what you’re doing and it’ll be fine.”

Jared Odrick worked on the side, still dealing with knee soreness. He’s consistently doing the drill where he puts over 200 lbs. on a low sled, puts a strap around his back and hooks it to the sled and walks backwards. That’s hard work and it shows.

Dwayne Gratz was back at practice today on a limited basis. Paul Poszluzny, Clay Harbor, Andre Branch and Tyson Alualu were all given the day off.

Tony Washington and Allen Robinson both made great catches in the red zone “install” toward the end of practice. Denard Robinson also, listed as the co-starter at tailback, got some serious work done near the goal line.

Former Jaguars Kyle Brady and Mark Brunell were at practice today. Brunell will be doing the color commentary on Channel 4 for the preseason games starting Friday against the Steelers at 7:30.

Today was the final day of camp open to the public but the Jaguars will be back on the field tomorrow morning at 11:20 for their final walk through before the game Friday night. Pregame starts on News4Jax at 7 o’clock.