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Khan Says Bradley’s Staying

Despite two embarrassing losses, the latest on national television, the Jaguars have no plans to change their head coach. Sources last night confirmed and the Times-Union reported that Shad Khan said he had no plans to fire Gus Bradley after the team’s 2-5 start.

Bradley has been under fire since the start of his tenure as the head coach of the Jaguars going 14-40 in his first three seasons. General Manager Dave Caldwell has said the first two years don’t count, and he didn’t expect the Jaguars to win as many games as they did, rebuilding the roster. But in the last two years Bradley and the Jaguars are 7-16 including Thursday’s loss in Tennessee. This despite declaring the roster “built” and spending money and draft picks on defense in 2016.

“I don’t know what it is,” Bradley said after the team’s latest loss. “I know those guys in the locker room care for each other but it’s just not happening.”

When asked if he expected to be the Jaguars head coach the following Sunday against Kansas City, Bradley answered with a terse, “Yes.”

Traditionally in-season coaching changes don’t have much effect in the NFL and it’s not as common as it is in Major League Baseball, the NBA or the NHL. Khan has said his changes on his Fulham soccer club are because a new manager there can make an immediate impact. He’s been reluctant to make a change at the top of the Jaguars, saying in London last year when the Jaguars were plummeting, “It really hasn’t crossed my mind.”