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Vick and Favre: Tale of Two QB’s

Who would have thought that Michael Vick might be playing football in 2009 in the NFL and Brett Favre might not? Both are sagas, albeit very different ones involving very talented players.

Vick’s journey has been well documented. From the highest paid player in the NFL to the subject of a federal investigation for dog fighting, Vick remained an exalted figure, nobody believing that he could be involved in what’s considered a heinous crime. When Vick was charged and convicted, his fall from grace was swift. He was vilified and put in jail. Not forgotten but only talked about in terms of “will he ever play again” or “how could he be involved with that.”

He’s an exciting player, no doubt. A tremendous athlete who could probably do just about anything on the football field that involves speed, agility and imagination. While he’s always been a quarterback, Vick could fit into a lot of offensive schemes as a flanker, a tailback, a wideout or just about any other skill position. What about defense? He’d be able to do something there while he was getting on the right page at quarterback.

The way it works in this country is when you commit a crime, get convicted, serve your time and get out; you should be able to resume a “normal” life. Vick will never have that because of his celebrity status, but being reinstated in the NFL and restarting his career, that’s should happen immediately. Somebody should sign him on potential alone.

And the Jaguars should be in that line.

“No” was Jack Del Rio’s response when asked if the team was considering Michael Vick. “He doesn’t fit what we’re trying to do, our model,” Del Rio told me on the radio show on Friday. I know they’re putting together a roster that’s heavy on character but if there’s one player who they could trumpet as a changed person and a player of character, it’s Vick. Plus he could help them in a lot of ways, not the least, ticket sales.

He’ll be on a roster at some point and he’ll help them win.

Favre will probably be on a roster, but later than Vick. For about the 5th year in a row, Brett was conflicted again about returning to the league. I thought it was strange when it first happened, but figured he was just being honest. But after a while, it got tiresome. Either come back or don’t. Having said that, it’s actually the media that created the story, following every phone call and text message even remotely associated with Favre.

This year I think he really wasn’t sure if his body could take it. But just like when they lost to the Giants in the NFC championship, Favre couldn’t stand to leave on a sour note. His performance for the Jets fell off dramatically at the end of the year, meaning the Jets fell off as well. Maybe after 18 years in the league he’s just not that good anymore? Flashes of brilliance for sure, but it’s been 10 years since the MVP-type Favre played a whole year at a high level. Even though he told the Vikings he’s not going to play for them he never said “retirement.” So he’ll stay in the loop and in the news as a potential replacement for any team that needs a QB.

How is it that Favre can play at 40 years old and still be somewhere in the middle of the talent pool of QB’s in the league? If he came back, he’d be OK. Not great, but not the worst player in the league either. So let him do whatever.

If Garrard gets hurt, Favre would be a good fit here but otherwise, he’s not the right guy at the right time for the Jaguars.

It’ll play out.

The saga continues.