One Stop Sports Recovery (Now available to everybody)

If recovery is the new sports science, then it’s no surprise athletic recovery centers are finding their footing in North Florida. With an active population participating in sports across the gamut, the Sports Recovery Annex in San Marco is trying to serve that ever growing group.

“This gives everybody a chance to have the same recovery techniques college and professional athletes have available to them,” said Dr. Anthony Iselborn whose office is adjacent to the Annex. Dr. Iselborn has a long history of work with athletes as a physical therapist, an athletic trainer and a chiropractor. He’s worked with the US Olympic teams and Pan American games squads and has seen how recovery can be beneficial to performing at your best.

“Whether it is a pro football player or a tennis player, they are going out there, beating up their bodies, using muscles, joints. They need to be recovering in between workouts to continue doing what they do.”

“I couldn’t do my job without it,” said Jaguars linebacker Paul Pozluszny who attended the Sports Recovery Annex’s Grand Opening. “I was impressed with the array of tools available to everybody. Usually this kind of treatment is only accessible by college and pro sports teams. It’s awesome that a places like this are starting to develop because people want to work out, stay healthy and be in great shape. This is an added aspect in helping people accomplishing their goals.””

Starting with the latest in cryotherapy equipment, the Sports Recovery Center bills themselves as a “one stop shop” when it comes to getting yourself ready to keep training. Instead of being sore or risking injury, the weekend athlete now can recover like a professional athlete can stay on the field, the court, the track, or on their bike.

As a full-time athletic trainer, Catherine Horita sees serious and not-so-serious athletes on a regular basis. She says this will keep more people training and less rehabbing from an injury. “You go out, work out and the next day you can’t move so you take that day off. That day off turns into a week and you have to start from scratch again. What we are doing is that you go to the gym, do a solid workout or run your mileage, then recover here so the next day you feel great and you can continue.”

Recovery is a niche that’s somewhere between training to get better and going through physical therapy to heal an injury. And while it might seem high end and only good for the serious amateur, weekend or professional athlete, their thought is everybody can benefit.

“It is kind of like upkeep. So this place, the goal is to recover faster so you can get out there and perform again,” the Annex’s General Manage explained. “It’s good for athletes, people who want to work out or just somebody who wants to go for a walk every day.”

It can be fun, beneficial, or even a little painful if you like as I found out. But I can also tell you, it works.