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I hope you’ve already made some meaningfull resolutions for 2001. Be a better parent, do more for charity, get your priorities straight, stuff like that. I read the other day that most people who accomplish goals over a defined period of time have their goals written down and in a consipicuous place where they can be remined of them daily. That’s a good idea. You don’t have to write down the usual, lose weight, keep my desk cleaner, stop snoring, etc.

Sportswise, I’d like to see just a couple of things in the coming year.

I wish people going to games would resolve to enjoy themselves a little more, don’t be so miserable if things don’t go your way, and stop the foul language in public. Screaming “You suck, because you suck” doesn’t make you cool or more attractive to the women in attendance. It just makes you look stupid. I really like it when people get into the game, but come with some ammunition, not just some profanity laced tirade aimed at nobody inparticular just because you had a bad day at work.

Go to the games to see what’s going to happen. Enjoy everything about being there. The atmosphere, your friends and family in attendance, the competition on the field. It’s a little disheartening to see people miserable at games where they paid over $100 to be there (beer included).

I also hope that people start to treat the self-serving displays on the field by many athletes with the disdain they deserve. The next time somebody dances around like a primitive for making a routine play, people should laugh. Literally. Just laugh out loud at the idiotic “me, me, me” mentality displayed. If we start laughing at these guys, maybe they’ll get the message.

Have a Happy New Year!